Sun Jing (孙璟 Sūn Jǐng) is the main protagonist of Tamen de Gushi. She's a 1st year, Class 7 at Second High. She's in love with Qiu Tong. (they're canon)

Appearance Edit

Sun Jing is tall and slender, standing at 175 cm[1]. She has ash brown eyes and black hair, with her hair falling to mid-back and usually worn up. Sun Jing has a more tomboyish fashion sense, as seen in her modified school outfit when she replaces the bow with a tie. Similarly, when not in her uniform, she leans towards athletic gear or simple outfits like tee-shirts and shorts.

Personality Edit

Sun Jing is outgoing, being popular amongst her schoolmates, especially female students[2]. She is also rather tomboyish and free-spirited, getting into antics with her classmates[3] and possesses a bit of a mischievous streak[4] especially towards her best friend, Qi Fang. This is reflected in her school performance, as she excels in athletics and her grades are fair.

Around Qiu Tong, though, she can be quite shy and nervous.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Sun Jing grew up as an only child with her father, a photographer, and her mother, an editor. Her father apparently liked to give her bugs when she was little.[5]

Meeting Qiu Tong Edit

Sun Jing first met Qiu Tong on accident, bumping into her in the doorway of a convenience store.[5] When they both tried to get out of each others way, Qiu Tong began to laugh, and Sun Jing's crush began.

Sun Jing later attempted to approach Qiu Tong at the bus stop[6], but got too nervous, and inadvertently scared Qiu Tong with her odd behavior.

She later sees Qiu Tong walking during her gym class and chases her down, exclaiming who she is and that she wants to be her friend.[7]

Relationship with Qiu Tong Edit

SPOILERS ahead, proceed at own risk!!

Trivia Edit

  • Sun Jing was born on December 25, her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and her blood type is A.[8]
  • Sun Jing's student ID is 14680.[9]
  • Sun Jing doesn't like eating chocolate alone so much, but if it's a chocolate shell with ice cream, then she really enjoys it.[10]

Gallery Edit

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