Qiu Tong (秋瞳 Qīu Tóng) is a main protagonist of Tamen de Gushi. She is a 2nd year in Class 3 at South High. Qiu Tong is pretty popular at her school, but despite that has only a few friends.[1] She is the love interest of Sun Jing.

Appearance Edit

She has long blonde hair that goes down to her mid-back and yellow/light brown eyes. She has a pale skin and also seems to blush or scare easily because of her friend's warning about how Sun Jing seemed a bit strange. She is slightly above average height, being 163 cm tall, but seems fairly short when standing next to the much taller Sun Jing.[2]

Personality Edit

A kind-hearted girl who likes to bake sweets. Qiu Tong is quiet and admits she isn't good at socializing.[3] She's also quite childish and enjoys playing in the rain. Qiu Tong is also soft to people and is always caring. She also likes Sun Jing's free spirited life and somehow revealed that she likes how Sun Jing acts freely.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Qiu Tong's parents had separated when she was young. She has moved several times and her mother constantly renovates the houses they occupy (Qiu Tong feels her mother does this to erase some sort of trace).[4] As a result, Qiu Tong grew up feeling lonely and isolated because her parents were/are not around often.

Despite her parent's divorce, Qiu Tong seems to have grown up quite wealthy, living in a spacious apartment (16th floor, Room 3) where they have a maid to clean and cook.[5]

Meeting Sun Jing Edit

She first meets Sun Jing by accident, running into her in a doorway.[6]

Qiu Tong is approached by Sun Jing a few times, but she mistakes Sun Jing for being a weird person who may want to beat her up, so Qiu Tong starts avoiding her.[7] The misunderstanding is cleared, however, when Sun Jing catches up to Qiu Tong, presents herself and explains her motive, opening the door to friendship between the two girls.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • Qiu Tong's favorite food is hotpot.[2]
  • When she was young, Qiu Tong's father used to try teaching her how to play basketball. At the time Qiu Tong wasn't serious about it, but after her father became too busy to play with her, she now regrets not trying to learn harder.[9]

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