Qin Xiong (Qín xióng) is the classmate of Sun Jing. He attends Second High and is in the same class as her (1st year, Class 7). Qin Xiong is the love interest of his xuezhang (upperclassman).

Appearance Edit

Qin Xiong has short ash brown hair and ash brown eyes. He is average set with a strong jawline and is 183 cm tall. Sun Jing had described him as "pretty good looking but in a different way."[1]

Personality Edit

Qin Xiong is nice and determined. Sun Jing told Qin Xiong that guys would probably be more into his type when he expressed interest in a girlfriend.[2] Since his xuezhang (upperclassman) likes him, Qin Xiong is shocked and embarrassed whenever around him, however, he seems to open up more to his upperclassman when they're on a restaurant "date."[3]

Relationships Edit

Xuezhang (Upperclassman) Edit

It was revealed that Qin Xiong's xuezhang (upperclassman) has affections toward him when he gave him a yellow umbrella which had the characters "I like you".[4]

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