Qi Fang (祁放 Qí Fàng) is Sun Jing's best friend. He attends Second High and is in the same class as her (1st year, Class 7).

His nickname is Mophead.

Appearance Edit

Qi Fang has light brown/strawberry blonde hair that reaches his shoulders and bangs that are pulled back into a ponytail. His eyes match his hair color, like the other characters. He's a little taller than Sun Jing.

Personality Edit

Qi Fang is quite athletic, being in the basketball club. He is playful, clumsy, and is also popular with the girls. Qi Fang is also Sun Jing's wingman, helping to give Sun Jing opportunities to hang out Qiu Tong at the beginning of the story.[1] His grades are also fair since he is ranked 6th overall in his class/year.[2]

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References Edit

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